Flight comparison Short Haul



Airline's differ on what is to be considered a short-haul. A short-haul domestic flight (where the destination airport is in the same country as the departure airport) would be categorized as having a flight length taking under one and a half hours to complete. This roughly correlates to an absolute distance of no more than 500 mi (800 km). By this definition, all domestic flights within relatively small countries like the United Kingdom are short-haul.


 Many of the cheap flight operators don’t allocate seats - often it’s a first-come, first-served to board the plane. However Easyjet does offer a service called Speedy boarding, but of course there is a cost to this - but it's ideal if you have young children or if you want the best seat with the most legroom then its a good choice. 


short-haul fleet offer a standard seat pitch of 28-29 inches, which is the absolute minimum found on any UK aircraft. There are some opportunities for more comfort and legroom, but you will have to pay for them. 


All Airlines offer Snacks and bar services on their Short Haul flights, However, the range is limited to crisps, chocolate, snacks and sandwiches, but be warned they are expensive to purchase once onboad the plane. 


Baggage allowances vary from Different airlines and can be can be difficult to understand, varying according to routes and class of seat, excess baggage and special items can be carried for an additional fee, but check the airline you are booking with before you purchase the ticket - all airlines will display this infomation on their websites.


Below are the 2014 top ten Short Haul airlines. 


1. British Airways

2. Swiss

3. Icelandair

4. Jet2

5. Aurigny Air

6. KLM

7. Lufthansa

8. Air Malta

9. EasyJet

10. Austrian Airlines