Flight Comparison Long Haul

Flight Comparison Long Haul



If you are considering a long haul flight here are some things you need to Know. Some airlines now allow you to reserve your seat online but please remember this is not a guarantee you will be able to reserve the seat of your choice. You must also be aware if booking a long haul flight of the legroom that some airlines give on long haul, if possible get an aisle seat for easy access to galley when required.


When you consider a long-haul flight as a by-the-hour experience, a higher cost of a more expensive flight on a much more comfortable aircraft with a the latest entertainment system and excellent food, may start to seem fairly attractive - when compared to a cheap Long haul flight on a cramped aircraft with overhead screens showing out of date movies you have seen before. 


For food, almost all long-haul flights include a sensible frequency of meals, If you are a picky eater, however, you will want to do some research on the meal offerings of your various airline options.  Almost all airlines have this information on their Web sites.


Plan to pack some food that you would eat during a normal day at home or work


After making sure you will more or less like the food, you will want to know how you are going to fill the hours on the plane, which will pass more slowly than you think. In particular, unless you have a massively tricked-out tablet going, a good in-flight entertainment system is an absolute must.