Flight Comparison 10 Must See Things in Las Vegas

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Flight Comparison 10 Must See Things in Las Vegas


While most people probably visit Las Vegas for the gambling and the shows, there are those who realize there is more to Vegas than the dinging of slot machines and the whir of a roulette wheel. Where else can you get a taste of Italy and France without a passport, see the Statue of Liberty without a trip to New York, and ride a roller coaster high atop a building?

Here is just a sample of things to do and see in Las Vegas.



Bellagio Hotel Fountain 


If you spend any time outside the casinos it’s hard to miss this free attraction. This magnificent fountain is located inside the lake in front of the Bellagio Hotel. It is 1,000 feet long and has over 1,000 nozzles that are in sync with 4,000 lights. Some of the sprays reach as high as 250 feet. This display is all beautifully coordinated with music. The fountain puts on its show at regular intervals throughout the day and night and should not be missed.


The Liberace Museum


Just 2.5 miles from the Strip is an amazing tribute to this showy pianist. You don’t have to be a Liberace fan to appreciate the glitz of this great museum. It is full of some of Liberace’s most famous and flashiest costumes, rhinestones and all. The museum also showcases his love of mirrors with a Rolls Royce covered in them plus a piano coated with 10,564 tiny mirrored squares. There is a gallery that displays some of the extravagant cars he owned as well as a piano room.

Liberace helped make Las Vegas famous and a visit to this demonstration of his glamorous world is well worth the $15 admission.



Mirage Hotel Volcano Eruption


Directly in front of the Mirage Hotel is their famous volcano that erupts with both fire and water every hour. Plan a trip past the Mirage between casino visits.

Stratosphere Tower


This hotel is also the U.S.’s highest freestanding observation tower. Top that with the “Big Shot” and you have an ideal attraction for thrill-seekers. The Big Shot is a ride that shoots 160 feet up in the air in 2.5 seconds at about 45 miles per hour and then plummets back down. There is also a roller coaster and two other heart-pounding rides high atop this tower.


Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay



This is a beautiful retreat in the middle of a bright and bustling wonderland and a perfect break from the noise of the casinos. This aquarium has fourteen exhibits designed around an ancient temple under the sea. It includes a replica of a shipwreck that holds 1.3 gallons of water and is brimming with fish and sharks. The Shark Reef Aquarium features over 2,000 animals that cover 100 different species as well as 15 species of sharks. Guests of the hotel can watch the sharks all day and night on the televisions in their room.



Paris and the Eiffel Tower Replica



The Paris hotel Las Vegas is located directly across from the Bellagio and offers a beautiful replica of the Eiffel Tower that soars 460 feet above Las Vegas. It is a full half-scale reproduction of the famous Paris, France landmark. The view from the top is worth seeing.

Venetian Hotel Gondola


This is another taste of Europe right in the middle of the Vegas Strip. Inside the Venetian the Grand Canal offers Venetian gondola rides, complete with the bridges and cafes of Venice as well as a serenade from your gondolier.


Imperial Palace Auto Collections


For car lovers, this Las Vegas attraction is a must see. It has what is considered one of the best and biggest collections of not just classic and antique cars, but muscle cars and cars that have special historical significance. Many of these cars are for sale at the right price.



Freemont Street Experience


Not only one of the more popular attractions in Vegas, the Freemont Street Experience is also one of most beautiful and amazing. Freemont Street is right in the heart of the area that is home to some of the oldest and well-known casinos like the Golden Nugget. The “Experience” is a light show displayed on one of the largest screens in the world. It has 12 million lights, making the light show one of the most awe-inspiring things you may ever see – and it is all free.


Hoover Dam


Only 30 miles from Las Vegas is one of the main spots for sightseeing in the Vegas area. Hoover Dam is considered to be one of the greatest projects of modern engineering in the world. Built between 1931 and 1950, the damn blocks the Colorado River to form Lake Mead as well as Lake Mohave.

There are many tours from Las Vegas to Hoover dam that include the round trip and a tour of the dam itself. Click here to find the latest cheap flights to las vegas.