Flight Comparison The Ten Best Places in the World for Shopping


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Flight Comparison The Ten Best Places in the World for Shopping


It’s a siren’s call and you follow it helplessly. The lure of the come-hither song of the SALE sign in a shop’s window. You fumble in a purse that feels bottomless, all but climb inside it until, finally, your hand wraps around your wallet, and you rush into the store to meet your destiny.Let’s get down to the heart of the matter. Ten destinations in the world offer enough retail therapy to satisfy any shopper’s cravings.



Fashion Shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Fashion Shows in Las Vegas is an enormous, modern shopping center with over 250 stores and restaurants. It is home to Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue in one of the largest shopping complexes in the world. Completed in 1981, a steel canopy shields shoppers from the heat of the day. By night, it is a movie screen 480 feet long and towering 128 feet above the ground.

PATH in Toronto, Canada


Toronto is home to the largest underground shopping complex with 17 miles of stores and services. It has an astonishing 4 million square fedt of retail space. Once a year, the over 1200 shops and merchants hold the world’s largest underground sale in the world.



Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, New York. USA.


Saks Fifth Avenue in New York first opened in 1867 and is one of America’s most iconic stores. It houses all of the best European and American brands under one roof, spread amongst ten floors of merchandise. Footwear worshippers can be found in the store’s shoe department trying on one the world’s best collections.



Harrods in London, United Kingdom


Harrods, perhaps one of the world’s most famous department stores in London, was established as a small grocery in 1894. The one-room outlet quickly blossomed into a large store offering cosmetics, food, medicines and stationery. Today, Harrod’s is 90,000 square meters of retail therapy divided into 330 departments and is known for its ability to satisfy the whims of the most eccentric customer.


Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France


Galeries Lafayette in Paris is an enormous and trendy complex offering a vast array of the latest trends in cosmetics, foodstuffs, jewelry, home accessories and is a favorite locale for Parisians. Built as a small fashion outlet in 1893, an Art Nouveau staircase and a glass dome were added in 1912. Some parts of the complex are historic landmarks and there is a breathtaking view of Opera Garnier House from the terraces.



10 Corso Como in Milan, Italy


With Rome and Milan vying for top honors, 10 Corso Como, the trendiest galley in the world, pushes Milan into the winner‘s circle. An atypical shopping gallery, 10 Corso Como was originally opened as an art gallery and bookstore by a former Italian Vogue editor. The clothing and accessories boutiques opened in 1991 and by 2003 there was a chic little hotel and café. The unique aspect of 10 Corso Como is all their merchandise from a CD to an entire collection are based on the latest Vogue trends.

Quartier 206. Berlin, Germany



Quartier 206 in Berlin is called “the world of style” after its founder, Anne Maria Jagdfeld, traveled the world in search of products for her store. Located in the center of Berlin on the famed Friedrichstraße, the store was designed by the prestigious Pei Cobb Freed & Partners of New York City. The Quartier 206 offers some of the elite of the fashion world, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and more.

De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, the Netherlands



Visiting Dam Square, one of the most popular places in Amsterdam, gives the shopoholic the chance to visit De Bijenkorf. It is one of the oldest European department store chains and the most upscale chain in the Netherlands. The building is five stories of kitchen accessories, books, cosmetics, jewelry and famous designer fashions.

GUM in Moscow, Russia



GUM, which stands for Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin (State Department Store) in Moscow, is the premier shopping mall in Russia. The monumental features of the store in the awe-inspiring Red Square resemble one of the great European train stations of the 19th century. GUM was built between 1890 and 1893 and there were about 1200 stores. Joseph Stalin transformed it into an office building in 1928 and it did not reopen as a department store until 1953. Today, over 200 stores can be found inside the huge edifice.

Wako in Tokyo, Japan


One of the most upscale markets in Tokyo is the Ginza section of the city. The Wako department store, established in 1881, offered Kintaro Hattori watches and jewelry. This is the same man who later created the Seiko watch company. The store itself was established in a historical Neo-Renaissance-style building constructed in 1932.



Where to go on a shopping spree is no longer an issue with these galleries out there waiting for you. Whether shopping is just eye candy for the window shopper or you intend to take an empty suitcase for the merchandise you buy, these are the 10 best places for shopping in the world.