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Germany is a top tourist destination drawing millions of visitors to its history, culture, heritage, and some of the most stunning scenery.





Berlin the capital city of Germany draws millions of visitors to its historic Berlin wall, which divided East and West Germany until 1989 when it was brought down. This city is diverse in ethic groups and there is something for everyone here. Its attractions include world famous Museums, restaurants nightlife and sports.



Munich offers the best culture in Germany, littered with classic and modern architecture, historic churches, an Opera house and a National theatre. It’s also a great city for shopping, nightlife and industry. Munich is renowned for its famous Oktoberfest Festival, a beer festival originating from 1810. Cheap flights to Munich airport are available daily.



Munich airport is the closest airport (128 km) to Neuschwanstein a popular European tourist destination in Germany and home of Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps, close to Germany’s border to Austria. The Castle is something out of a fantasy story and served as an inspiration for the fairy tale Sleeping beauty. Whilst here you can indulge in German beverages served in pubs, Bavarian food and souvenir shops to take a piece of Neuschwanstein back home with you.



Cologne is one of Germany’s oldest cities and situated on the Rhine River. The city is full of art galleries, museums and an equally buzzing nightlife. The impressive Cologne Cathedral is definitely worth visiting and a great example of gothic architectural. Whilst here other Museums worth visiting are the Wallraf – Richartz which exhibits medieval art, and Favina Fragrance Museum exhibiting the history and production of the world famous Eau de Cologne. No visit is complete without experiencing Colognes world famous beer Kolsch, in plentiful in all pubs and restaurants. Whatever time of the year you visit Cologne you will not be disappointed as there are carnivals and festivals celebrating different occasions throughout the twelve months.




Rhine is known as the ‘romantic Rhine.  This is not surprising as it’s brimming with Medieval Castles and Palaces dating back from the 12th century, and the landscape exhibits picturesque villages and terraced vineyards. The best way to explore this region is by a riverboat cruise, cycling or walking.  Visit Marksburg castle a famous medieval castle built in the year 1117 and served as a fortress to protect the town of Braubach in Middle Rhineland. Despite hundreds of years of invasion the castle has never been destroyed and is named as a world heritage site. In this region many other castles have been turned in restaurants and hotels where you can eat or stay overnight and experience the medieval era. The local areas in Bacharach are full of impressive terraced vineyards, cobbled streets, and local buildings made of timber reflective of Germany’s beauty.



If you are looking for a natural attraction then visit Lorelei, meaning a ‘murmuring rock’ some 120 metres above water level, located in the Rhine George of the Rhine-Palatinate region of Germany. The rock has inspired lots of legends and tales, and the story behind the rock is even more enchanting.




A great seaside resort in Germany is the Rugen Island. It is the biggest Island in Germany and situated in the Baltic Sea. The Rugen Bridge and Rugen Causeway connect it to mainland. This is a fantastic place for cycling, diving, windsurfing or for balloon trips. Nearby go and visit the famous Jarmund National Park with unique natural chalk cliffs hanging above sea level.





Leipzig is famous for its Bach festival and association with its historic composers Mendelssohn, Wagner and Bach. St Thomas Church where Bach is buried hosts Bach’s music performances throughout the year. Leipzig is also home to the largest zoo in Germany and oldest botanical garden.   


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Travel insurance – take out travel insurance, or ensure your existing insurance covers you for the period of your visit and for any additional cover existing medical conditions or for activities that you may undertake on holiday.

Currency- European Euro

Electricity-. European style round two-pin plug, 230 Voltas, 50 Hz