China has a vast and diverse landscape from desserts in the north to subtropical forests in the south. Majestic mountain ranges, rivers and plateaus shape this beautiful country and its landscape.




The capital of China and the most popular city to visit is Beijing. It is home to the famous Tiananmen Square, National Museum of China and the Forbidden City. The city is littered with ancient and modern Summer Palaces full of culture alongside its buzzing marketplaces, shopping areas and food stalls.


The bustling city of Hong Kong has the highest population density where you can experience a range of cultures, food and tradition. It is a city consumed with skyscrapers all set against luscious greenery, mountains and beaches.  Some of the attractions include the Ocean Park amusement centre or Disneyland Hong Kong.


Victoria Harbour is worth visiting with its old junks, ferries and speedboats.

The Bank of China is an iconic skyscraper and its structure reflects livelihood and prosperity.

Cheap direct flights to Hong Kong can take you to world class shopping malls and exciting night markets bustling with local fair, whether you are passing through from other destinations, holidaying or if its a business trip.


Visit Lantau Island in Hong Kong to view the impressive serene statute of the Tian Tan Buddha made from bronze towering 110 ft. or 34 metres. It is a symbolic posture representing harmony and happiness and dismissing pain distress and suffering.

If you want to relax in Hong Kong then visit Repulse Bay the most popular beach in the world.




The Great Wall of China stretches around 6300 kilometers in length. If you total different sections of the wall it stretches up to 22000 kilometers. It is the longest man made structure in the world and the well maintained parts of the wall are a great tourist attraction accessed near Beijing. The Great Wall is a historic legacy built around 2000 years ago and major rebuilding of the Wall was from the 14th Century by the Ming Dynasty.

Xian located in the North West region of China. Here the Terracotta Army was recently discovered. It is a famous attraction where the army were the protectors of the tomb of the First Emperor of China.




Lhasa a city in Tibet is situated in the Himalayan Mountain Valley. It is home to the Potala Palace on Mount Mapori which was the former home of the Dalia Lama. Discover vast culture and history here. Non-Chinese nationals would need a visa to travel here.




If you are seeking spirituality and relaxation then visit Hangzhau in China where the famous West Lake has temples, pagodas with breath-taking views, which are truly beautiful.

You can experience stunning scenery and undulating mountains by visiting the city of Yangshuo.




The Jiuzhaigou Valley has over a hundred lakes some of which are so clear that you can see the bottom. The Valley has waterfalls and mountains and if you are lucky you may even spot a giant Panda.

The Yunnan Stone Forest located in Kunming is another great place for tourists to visit as it incorporates villages, which are traditional and represent the country and its people.


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Visa and passport- check that you have a valid passport to travel and check for visa requirements for China and also Tibet if you are visiting here.

Travel insurance – take out travel insurance, or ensure your existing insurance covers you for the period of your visit and for any additional cover for existing medical conditions or for activities that you may undertake on holiday.

Currency- Chinese renminbi

Electricity- 220v, 50 HZ AC.