Cape Town South Africa



Cape Town, South Africa, as a holiday destination, has much to offer the discerning tourist, traveller or backpacker. 




A  Flight to Cape Town, South Africa, offers you the possibility of a multitude of tourist activities and variety of sightseeing opportunities and choices.For the avid sightseer, Cape Town, South Africa processes a  multicultural society, which is imbued with a rich cultural heritage and history.


Encircling the city of Cape Town itself, are the obvious areas of deprivation; the townships. If you are a tourist who does want to immerse, in the real ambience of Cape Town, it is worth visiting at least one these Townships because although there is absolute poverty, the Townships offer their own Culture of: Township Jazz, cuisine and artisan home craft work.


Wine region


One of the reasons why people catch a Flight to Cape Town, South Africa, are the famous Winelands.  If you are a wine connoisseur, you will not be disappointed.  What you will find when you tour the Windlands region, is that all the estates, hospitably and happily host free wine tastings!  And Of course, anywhere where there is wine, there will undoubtfully be a symbiotic relationship with food and the Winelands is no exception. There are a delightful  choice of restaurants in the area to enjoy.




Another big attraction of a Flight to Cape Town, is the exhilaration of an opportunity of either: a Safari,  a trip to one of Cape Towns National Parks or a visit to a  Game reserve. You must take the opportunity to observe the indigenous animals, in their natural habitat. A Flight to Cape Town South Africa, on an historical note, offers: Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was a prisoner for almost three decades, The Castle of Good Hope and The Rhodes Memorial, to name just a few places of interest.

Many tourists take a Flight to Cape Town South Africa, to seeThe Garden Route. The scenery here is absolutely spectacular and the indigenous flora are incredible. Another  must see, if you are in Cape Town, is  the World Heritage sight of Table Mountain.  You very well may see, Table Mountain on your inbound Flight to Cape Town,South Africa.



Coastal Area and Beaches


Cape Town is renowned for it’ breath-taking coastal areas and incomparable beaches.  These beaches attract  experienced surfers and spear and game fishing tourists, from all over the world. Apart from the obvious water sports and activities, there are the adventure sports that Cape Town is also well known for too.  There is: mountain climbing and hiking, 4x4 exploratory driving trips, bungee and abseiling and Ostrich riding to name just a few! When considering all this and bearing in mind  Cape Towns superb climate, it is easy to see why  a Flight to Cape Town, South Africa, may offer you the chance, of a holiday of a life time.


Flights times from UK


The Flight to Cape Town, South Africa, takes approximately eleven hours.  Again we at `flight Comparison, recommend a scheduled Flight to Cape Town South Africa because this offers you a better degree of service.