Back in the day Budapest was three individual towns separated by the River Danube; Buda, Óbuda and Pest.  These days the unified trinity (well, now the two towns of Buda and Pest) is now known as the captivating capital city of Hungary, home to a population of more than 1.6 million people and the just the place to escape to for a long weekend.


Places to visit


Situated across the banks of the River Danube, the views are quite something as you wonder across the dreamy Chain Bridge that links the city’s two halves, lit up spectacularly at night or make a trip to Buda Castle, whose grounds are set on the top of Buda Hill.

There’s an abundance of places to visit in Budapest from the stunning architecture of the royal palace, the old town (a listed world heritage site) to St. Stephen’s basilica.

The city combines its beautiful architecture with a love for the arts.  The State Opera House is one of Budapest’s most elegant and magnificent buildings and tickets are reasonably priced so there’ll be no need to spend a fortune enjoying some high art!

In stark contrast to the Opera House’s grandeur is Budapest’s award winning museum, The Terror Museum, a harsh reminder of Hungary’s turbulent history, the horrors of the Holocaust and the Soviet invasion of Hungary.  This provides an excellent way to really get in touch with what makes up the city’s historical identity.


Weekend Break

For a change of pace to unwind and soak you feet you can walk through Heroes Square, which marks the entrance to City Park home to the thermal baths.  Budapest is famous for these and there are several sits across the city including the Gellért, Rudas and Széchenyi baths.

There are many coffee shops and cafes to enjoy the bustle of the city during the day and nightlife is stylish and comfortably unhurried.

Budapest is the ultimate weekend break in which to take in the spirit of another culture and return home revitalised with a wee skip in your step.

Flights to Budapest go from most UK cities including London, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.

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